Who is Chiron ?

A respected oracle and highly revered teacher to pupils including great athletes, warriors and cultural heroes


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Sportsperson Representation

Unless the sports person is happy, how can they be expected to perform ?, surely this is detrimental to their value, their career, their lifestyle and their sporting employer."

Distractions away from the 'sporting arena' can often have a very detrimental effect on sporting performance.



Commercial Sports Representation

For the majority of sportspeople commercial representation during a sporting career is often overlooked., irrespective of the stage in a persons sporting career

Making the Most of Commercial Opportunities from a Successful Sporing Career



Sports Employers, Clubs, Coaches & Associations

Chiron aim to understand the aims and objectives of the sporting employer, and thus build a mutually beneficial relationship for the sportsperson, - a sportsperson able to perform and behave to their optimum level, to achieve the employer’s goals.

A sports agency working In Co-operation With Sporting Employers, Clubs, Sponsors & Associations



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Football Agent/Representative licensed by the Football Association - Under the regulations and guidelines of FIFA, UEFA and the FA.

Chiron was intelligent, civilized & widely acknowledged for knowledge, guidance & skill

The name ‘Chiron’ (pronounced 'Kye-Ron') has its origins in Greek Mythology. .

Chiron was a revered figure from Greek mythology that as a Centaur was unique amongst his brethren in that he did not succumb to the stereotype of centaurs being prone to questionable and unethical behaviour. In today’s world, this could be compared with the media and public image of some sports agents.

‘Chiron’ was reputed to be intelligent, civilized and kind whilst being widely acknowledged for his knowledge, guidance and skill. As a respected oracle and highly revered teacher, his pupils included great athletes, warriors and cultural heroes including the likes of Ajax, Achilles, Jason, Peleus, Heracles, Phoenix and Dionysus. Subsequrently the name 'Chiron' was selected for Chiron Sports and Media as one of the primary aims in establishing the agency was for a sports agency would be focussed on being ethical and fair.

Working in the interests the client, and facilitating 3rd party interests, Chiron have established a sporting industry profile that is not perceived as a ‘necessary evil’, but as a ‘necessary benefit’ providing service, support and advice.

Many people may draw the immediate conclusion that a lot of the influences behind Chiron were drawn from the film Jerry Macguire, and we would be lying if we said the film had no influence whatsoever,. Indeed the film has al lot of messages that do hold true with Chiron Sports approach to representation, but the overall ethos and approach of Chiron Sports comes from various sources, experiences and influences.


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