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Unless the sports person is happy, how can they be expected to perform ?, surely this is detrimental to their value, their career, their lifestyle and their sporting employer."

Distractions away from the 'sporting arena' can often have a very detrimental effect on sporting performance.



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Football Agent/Representative licensed by the Football Association - Under the regulations and guidelines of FIFA, UEFA and the FA.

Independent Career and Lifestyle Management With No Hidden Agenda's and Ties

A sports agency being either directly or indirectly tied to a parent organisation or company may well present benefits - but for whom?

Many sports agencies and sports agents have close and direct links with financial (and legal) companies, advisers and institutions, and in some cases they may well be part of the same business. Chiron believes that advice and the provider must remain independent and in the best interests of the sporting client, with the choices made being the right choices for the right reasons.  Chiron, although backed up by a professional support network remains independent and focussed on support the sporting client for the long-term.

Chiron has built a network of specialist and professional associates to benefit the long term interests of Chiron clients. Whilst maintaining the highest professional service provision, these selected associates are recognised and recommended on their fair and ethical approach.                            

The key values, ethos and approach of Chiron, in addition to transparency and independence, are behaving ethically and with a sense of fairness and openness when dealing with all associated parties. Chiron’s overall aim is to maximise the effectiveness and value of clients in terms of activity on and away from the sporting arena, for the benefit of not only the client but also the employers.

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    Football Agent/Representative licensed by the Football Association - Under the regulations and guidelines of FIFA, UEFA and the FA..

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