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Sportsperson Representation

Unless the sports person is happy, how can they be expected to perform ?, surely this is detrimental to their value, their career, their lifestyle and their sporting employer."

Distractions away from the 'sporting arena' can often have a very detrimental effect on sporting performance.



Commercial Sports Representation

For the majority of sportspeople commercial representation during a sporting career is often overlooked., irrespective of the stage in a persons sporting career

Making the Most of Commercial Opportunities from a Successful Sporing Career



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A Successful Sportsperson Deserves Support for Those That Mean the Most - Family

Sportspeople aren’t just resources, they aren’t robots at the end of the day, they are people like everyone else and Chiron recognises that fact. However, they, along with their family and friends are under great scrutiny and great demands in a profession which is so often misunderstood.

Quite often the sportsperson is seen as the only person in the career but it is an unfair assumption, and in making this assumption many are guilty of seeing the sportsperson as an asset, who is expected to perform time after time to their full potential, irrespective of what affects them outside of the sporting arena.

Sportspeople, like all human beings are affected by those people that mean the most to them - their friends and family. If one, of these is ill, in trouble, or in distress, it is unlikely that the sportsperson can put this totally out of their mind and perform at the optimum level.

In the extreme the case of a sportsperson relocating, sometimes, even within a new country they are exposed to family factors at a far greater level.  For example, a new language, new culture and new location, let alone a new sporting employer and colleagues. As such this acceptance is also expected of their family and whilst many sporting employers try to make the transition as smooth as possible, relocation is not always easy.

Chiron fully expects a sportsperson to have not only assistance with their own direct requirements and lifestyle but also that of their family and friends, and as such Chiron look to help, as a happy home and family will hopefully result in a happy sports person performing to their full potential.

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