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Total Fitness and Performance

Any reputable coach, manager, trainer or sporting mentor will know the importance of Total Fitness. Fitness of not only body and physical fitness, but also the matter of fitness of the mind and mental fitness.

Developing 'Total Fitness' for the sportsperson will make the most of their natural sporting ability and their developed and practiced skills



Long Term Planning

Chiron aim to help our sporting clients with life-planning, as well as sporting career planning - whether this be as simple as financial planning

Resources available for the future and retirement, or education for a new career



Financial Rewards

Associations with professional practitioners in areas of finance - from accountants to financial advisers, tax planners to overseas investors. , but what is important to Chiron is that these associates are ethical and represent the best interest of Chirons sporting client. - .

Whether the financial service be just providing professional advice or a second opinion on another provider



Benefits of Choosing Chiron

We are not under any illusions that we are the biggest agencies and we may not be able to generate the most lucrative financial rewards immediately. Chiron is an Independent ethical sports agency, with a professional support network -

The one thing we can guarantee you is that we will work with you for your long term benefits.



Career Development

In partnership with several professional aupport associates Chiron are able to assist sporting clients in the further development of their skill and performance levels either in terms of performance or future life planning.

The education and training via bespoke educational courses and classes for the future



Sporting Aims & Objectives

Do all professional sportspeople obtain the rewards that they deserve from their sporting career - this may either in terms of sporting rewards, personal rewards or financial rewards, but why is this the case?

Chiron will look at the long term interests of the client and recognise their objectives and motivators and how best achieve



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Football Agent/Representative licensed by the Football Association - Under the regulations and guidelines of FIFA, UEFA and the FA.

"Sports Representation and Sports Agency
Representation Scenarios”

Sports Agency Work and Professional Sports Representation can benefit clients in various scenarios and at very different points in their sporting career.

Chiron treats client information and client case studies with the utmost confidence and discretion.  We are unable to present specific case studies with regards to our sporting clients, however we have developed scenarios of:

      • who we help
      • what we help them with
      • when we help them
      • where we help them
      • AND how we help them

The sports representation scenarios listed below are examples of where Chiron Sports and Media are able to work with clients to enhance and develop their sporting careers. Please note however, that these scenarios are fictional, as ‘Chiron’ cannot identify and / or disclose the parties and finances involved in specific cases due to client confidentiality and the integrity and ethics of ‘Chiron Sports and Media’.

A professional footballer, who has suffered persistent injuries, is offered a new contract by his long standing club but on reduced terms - as such his agent has informed him he is no longer able to represent him - read the full sporting representation scenario.

A young footballer has been at his professional club since the age of nine, however on hoping to secure his first professional contract he is told by his club he is being released which he believes is ' the end of his world'  - read the full sporting representation scenario.

A young cricketer has the dream to be a professional, and shows the talent and skill to succeed.  However, he also excels in his academic studies and also has the dream (like his parents) to one day become a doctor.  Which option should he pursue at this 'educational crossroads ' - read the full sporting representation scenario.

A professional Rugby League player has the talent to become an established and highly rated star of the professional game. However, questionable temperament and off-field misdemeanours are threatening to derail his promising career in the professional game - read the full sporting representation scenario.

An up and coming tennis prodigy shows all the natural talent to become a professional player. However, due to her social and economic background her progression is restricted by a lack of support & resources - read the full sporting representation scenario.

A professional footballer identifies that his previous representative and agent have badly mismanaged not only his playing contract but also his financials and investments - read the full sporting representation scenario.

A professional footballer is approaching retirement after 14 years as a professional footballer at the highest level. However, as the realisation dawns on him that retirement is approaching, the future does not look so bright - read the full sporting representation scenario.

These are just a few of the scenarios in which Chiron Sports and Media aim to help, assist, advise and represent professional sporting clients.

DISCLAIMER - All names, characters and scenarios referenced in the scenario are fictitious, and any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, or the scenarios or entities described are purely coincidental
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