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Sporting Careers Can Be Short


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Representation Cases

Chiron treats client information and client case studies in the utmost confidence and with discretion, so it is difficult for us to present

Specific case studies with regards to our sporting clients and specific:



Total Fitness and Performance

Any reputable coach, manager, trainer or sporting mentor will know the importance of Total Fitness. Fitness of not only body and physical fitness, but also the matter of fitness of the mind and mental fitness.

Developing 'Total Fitness' for the sportsperson will make the most of their natural sporting ability and their developed and practiced skills



Financial Rewards

Associations with professional practitioners in areas of finance - from accountants to financial advisers, tax planners to overseas investors. , but what is important to Chiron is that these associates are ethical and represent the best interest of Chirons sporting client. - .

Whether the financial service be just providing professional advice or a second opinion on another provider



Benefits of Choosing Chiron

We are not under any illusions that we are the biggest agencies and we may not be able to generate the most lucrative financial rewards immediately. Chiron is an Independent ethical sports agency, with a professional support network -

The one thing we can guarantee you is that we will work with you for your long term benefits.



Career Development

In partnership with several professional aupport associates Chiron are able to assist sporting clients in the further development of their skill and performance levels either in terms of performance or future life planning.

The education and training via bespoke educational courses and classes for the future



Sporting Aims & Objectives

Do all professional sportspeople obtain the rewards that they deserve from their sporting career - this may either in terms of sporting rewards, personal rewards or financial rewards, but why is this the case?

Chiron will look at the long term interests of the client and recognise their objectives and motivators and how best achieve



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Long Term Planning, Not Just Planning and Support Solely for the Sporting Career

It is often said that “sporting salaries and rewards are high, as the careers are so short”, but does this mean that the rewards are not sustainable?

Chiron and their associates aim to help our sporting clients with life-planning, as well as sports career planning - whether this be as simple as financial planning to make sure money is available for the future and retirement, or education for a new career in later life.

The chart below represents the career curve that represents the dramatic 'rise and fall' in the career of many sports professionals. A ‘rapid rise’ is seen at the stages of being a 'rising sporting star' and an 'established professional'. However a 'dramatic fall' is often experienced on 'sporting retirement' and often a second career has to be established when the rewards of professional sports have diminished.

Rise and Fall of a Sporting Career

What Chiron aims to do for our sporting clients, is to 'future-proof' (as much as possible) the rewards of a successful professional sporting career, to sustain the sporting rewards for as long as possible for our sporting client. The diagram below shows the typical 'rise and fall' scenario of a professional sports career alongside a sustained sporting LIFE plan.

Sustained Sporting Career Curve

It is often said that “sporting salaries and rewards are high, as the careers are so short”, but do the following statements have to apply in all cases:

  • Why does a professional sporting career have to be so short?
  • Why do the sporting rewards earned by professional sportspeople disappear in later life?
  • Why do so many sportspeople fail to reach their full potential?
  • Where are they now?

The Chiron approach is relevant to many sportspeople whichever sport or discipline. They may be at the start of their sporting careers, at the peak of their achievements or even approaching retirement. It is important that Chiron clients have life-long support and representation rather than just career long representation.

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