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Long Term Planning

Chiron aim to help our sporting clients with life-planning, as well as sporting career planning - whether this be as simple as financial planning

Resources available for the future and retirement, or education for a new career



Benefits of Choosing Chiron

We are not under any illusions that we are the biggest agencies and we may not be able to generate the most lucrative financial rewards immediately. Chiron is an Independent ethical sports agency, with a professional support network -

The one thing we can guarantee you is that we will work with you for your long term benefits.



Career Development

In partnership with several professional aupport associates Chiron are able to assist sporting clients in the further development of their skill and performance levels either in terms of performance or future life planning.

The education and training via bespoke educational courses and classes for the future



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Football Agent/Representative licensed by the Football Association - Under the regulations and guidelines of FIFA, UEFA and the FA.

Making the Most of Professional Sporting
Rewards Both in the Short and Long Term

There is no escaping the fact that most sports have in recent decades become more than just a sport but are now a business.  However, as in business the rewards can be high but fraught with dangers and catches - where the rewards of sporting success can be missed or lost easily.

Chiron does not get distracted by the short-term planning that so often ends up misdirecting a sporting career - an example of this is focussing on such factors as the immediate salary and signing fee of a short term contract. Chiron aim to look at the long term targets, objectives and wellbeing of the sporting client and their family - and thus aim to sustain the career and financial rewards rightfully earned.

It is understandable to enjoy the rewards that come with a successful sporting career, but it is also important ' to make hay while the sun shines', as the sporting career is considerably short - thus making the right decisions at the right time is important for the future.

The Chiron approach is relevant to many sportspeople, whatever sport or discipline. They may be at the start of their sporting careers, at the peak of their achievements or even approaching retirement. It is important that Chiron clients have life-long support and representation rather than just career long representation.

Independent and Supportive Financial Advice & Support

Many sports agencies and sports agents have close and direct links with financial (and legal) companies, advisers and institutions, and in some cases they may well be part of the same business. Chiron believes that advice and the provider must remain independent and in the best interests of the sporting client, with the choices made being the right choices for the right reasons.

Chiron, over a period of time has built up, and will continue to develop, close associations with professional practitioners in areas of finance - from accountants to financial advisers, tax planners to overseas investors. But what is important to Chiron, is that these associates are ethical and represent the best interest of Chiron’s sporting client.  Whether the service is providing professional advice or a second opinion on another provider.

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