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Are Professional Sportspeople as Fit
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Do all professional sportspeople obtain the rewards that they deserve from their sporting career - this may either in terms of sporting rewards, personal rewards or financial rewards, but why is this the case?

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The Importance of Total Fitness
Comprising Mind, Body, and Soul

Any coach, manager, trainer or sporting mentor 'worth their salt' will know the importance of Total Fitness. Fitness of not only body and physical fitness, but also the matter of fitness of the mind and mental fitness.

All the value can be placed on for example, a bleep test, how quick can you sprint 100 yards, lung capacity, how much can you bench press - but is this the be all and end all of 'Total Fitness' for the sportsperson, and thus make the most of their natural sporting ability and developed practiced skills?

The answer, in the opinion of Chiron and many respected sporting and medical professionals including Chiron associates, is a resounding NO! To achieve as near to the optimum natural performance as possible in sport a sportsperson, must in necessity have total fitness, and by this we mean fit in body and fit in mind. The simplest example being that if like any other professional, if the person is not happy and contented with a situation how can they naturally perform?

There are many stories as to how mental exhaustion, depression, stress, pressure and off-field distracters can affect a sportspersons performance and subsequently their career, and potentially their long term health and life. Some may turn to social vices such as alcohol, partying, illegal activities, and drugs to name but a few. However the ultimate price may be paid with the loss of life as was the unfortunate case of German international goalkeeper Robert Enke, who sadly committed suicide in 2009 after battling acute depression.

What Chiron aim to do is support our professional sports clients as much as possible to attain as close to total fitness as possible. This may be through the primary fitness consultant in areas such as physiotherapy, fitness, nutrition and osteopathy, or the sometimes forgotten professional support such as complementary therapy, psychology, psychiatry, anger-management and counselling.

Support and advice is all important to attain 'Total Fitness', and Chiron make every effort to source and provide this support to our professional sports clients to help them achieve their goals, objectives and ultimately great sporting success.

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